The RACGP Quality Improvement & Continuing Professional Development (QI&CPD) for the 2011-2013 triennium aims to assist Australian GPs to maintain and improve the quality of care they provide to patients and promote care to the community of the highest possible standard. Previous triennium advertising lacked substance and the required impact to elevate the brand.

The department's mission is not one easily defined by one clear visual concept. To solve this problem, we used illustration to create a story and act as a solid foundation for the QI&CPD program. The illustration can be cropped and manipulated to create a different look for each application. This creates large efficiencies in future projects such as reduced lead time and a large budgetary saving. The brochure was also printed on recycled, uncoated paper stock, encouraging the bright and earthy colour palette to shine. 

The brochure was launched at the College's GP10 conference, and repurposed for the QI&CPD website and other materials. The overall branding enhanced the image of the program and elevated the brand. 
Illustration by Ben Sanders (

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