Ross was the Communication Designer for the digital team at AusPost and one of the key people to manage all our commercial campaigns on the website. He was also instrumental in bringing our brand illustration library to fruition and thanks to his efforts we have a full-fledged and continuously evolving illustration and icon library to add to our design systems. Once he joined, very quickly he took on the mantle of driving all the finer nuances of the design systems. He was successful in very quickly establishing himself as the subject matter expert for all our campaign and illustration work as well as commercial design outputs. His calm and considered approach, very positive outlook and enthusiasm to try on new approaches will be sorely missed by the team as well as our stakeholders. Ross is a burst of positive energy and I am sure he will be a wonderful addition to any team he goes to. He and his work will be sorely missed by all of us!

Sharbani Dhar, Director - Design Operations at Australia Post
I first contacted Ross a few years ago, trying to win him for a Graphic Design role that I was recruiting for. His design expertise is what drew me to his profile initially but having had the pleasure to collaborate with him and get to know him better since, I’ve also learnt that Ross is a highly strategic thinker who is able to develop effective creative ideas, even with small budgets or working with a number of challenging stakeholders. The way Ross speaks about his work makes it obvious that he’s not only passionate about design, but equally so about the people he works with, and supporting and mentoring them is close to his heart. Ross also invests a lot of his time in developing professionally and personally, and never stops learning. For this reason, I strongly believe that Ross would make a great Creative Director. He brings the ideas, strategic thinking, leadership and interpersonal skills – but none of the ego.

Pia Bach, P&C Business Partner @ Pepperstone
Ross is a thinker and influencer! After months of suggesting upgrades to the website design for Share Community Campus, I agreed it was time to proceed! Ross provided an easy to use format for the design brief and from there the project took off. Ross was flexible, easy to work with and the end product is simple to use and, more importantly, simple to manage. Improvements were well considered and turned around quickly, often within 24 hours. The cost was well under market price. I enjoyed the process and the outcome and would recommend Ross for website planning and creation.
Sonia Wagner, National Manager Youth Education
Ross did a fantastic job providing a high-quality, fast turn-around on UI design and online graphics for the interface to our SaaS system. I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking to do the same.
Tristan McMichael, Chief Information Officer at Nous Group
Ross is an amazing graphic designer who not only comes up with effective, contemporary solutions to communication challenges but he works at an amazing pace and is always researching to keep up with great design trends and materials. I would really recommend using him.
Natalie van Wetering, Strategic Marketing and Communications Specialist
As bookkeepers in our growth phase we had to make an important decision regarding changes to our branding.  We noticed Ross’ work at an office reception and once we saw his website and the projects he had completed, our decision was set in stone, he was the only person for the job. Simply by viewing his work, he created an “experience” for us – this, we believe is true testimony to the quality of his work. But to add to that, we were blown away by the depth and thoroughness he went into when creating our brand. He was able to understand and interpret aspects of our business with such clarity and vision, as if he had been running it himself. His ability to understand the individual, it’s business, the businesses needs and how to interpret all of those in a clear, effective and memorable way is remarkable and we are grateful for all of his hard work and the amazing results he has given us; results which continue to give. What could be better for a business than that?
George Peppas, Director at PB Finance
Ross is a very talented graphic designer who can take the slightest brief and produce beautiful work across both print and digital. He developed the branded identity for our organisation, and ensured consistency in how we present visually from newsletter design (mail chimp), FB and Twitter profiles, business cards and posters. Most importantly he designed our website and managed the production of same, recommending a web developer and ensuring the project ran smoothy to completion. I highly recommend Ross.
Jessica MacPherson, CEO at St Kilda Mums
Ross is a highly talented and knowledgeable graphic designer. Not only has he flair for what he does, but he has the capability to ask questions and listens to technical advice and recommendations, loves to push the boundaries and does love a solid or two! Great person to work with.
Robert Maloney, Rothfield Print Management
Ross was fantastic at designing and managing our sole promotional brochure for the program. Ross was able to capture a new direction with branding and design, effectively and efficiently whilst under pressure.
Bianca White, Strategic Project Manager at Alcohol and Drug Foundation
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