Founded in 1882, Brighton Grammar School (BGS) is an Anglican school for boys with approximately 1270 students, based in the suburb of Brighton in the south east of Melbourne, Australia.  The Hall of Fame awards is an event that occurs every three years to induct high achieving past students into the BGS Hall of Fame.
We started by simplifying the visually complex icon that is based on the physical award. The budget for the project was limited. By using textured commodity paper stock that was more affordable than the linen paper, a luxurious and tactile solution was achieved.  That decision allowed the project to use gold foil stamp and a double hit of black on the front of the card to give the invitation an air of luxury and sophistication. Coupled with simple typography and the gold foil border, the invitation was a simple and elegant solution for a prestigious awards ceremony. 
The invitation was mailed out to the local community with the community journal. An overwhelmingly positive response helps ensure the success of the awards.

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