Leo Cussen Institute is a 38 year old not for profit organisation that provides high quality education and professional support services. Lawyers are required to complete a number of continual professional development (CPD) points per year to retain their practice license. The challenge was to create icons for the range of 4 "topics" such as "substantive law" and "practice management".

The CPD master brandmark is inspired by Roman pillars that signify honesty, justice and peace. Using colour as the key differentiation method for the icons, the "topics" were shortened to 2 letter icons. Bright, clear and concise, the icons became a key driver for awareness of the CPD requirements, allowing the user a relevant direction through text heavy information brochures.

Immediately the icons became a focal point of the CPD department's branding and advertising strategy. The solution was implemented successfully in all collateral, helping lawyers to identify their CPD requirements and achieving a high sales rate for the range of programs on offer. 

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