Outdoor Education Solutions Australia (OESA) is a new business created by Cam Barry, an outdoor educator with over 20 years experience. Cam approached me asking for assistance creating a brand and website for the new venture. Cam had heard about my work and how I not only create fantastic visual solutions but bring them to a new level. Cam believes that outdoor education can be inspiring and transform, and that is what has been brought to this brand. Life and purpose. The logo itself speaks to the pure natural elements that OESA use to create amazing experiences for children all over Australia. I approached Adam Skovran, an incredible 3D artist to work on this project to bring the OESA typography to life in imagery. Bec Cavalot (brilliant!) worked with Cam and I on the copywriting. I created a simple one page landing page with the goal of bringing leads to Cam. This is one of those projects that was an absolute pleasure to work on. Cam continues to receive weekly calls from the website and is very happy with the outcome. 

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