Glen Huntly Primary is a wonderful school, with an active and involved student and parent community. Located over two sites (divided by Grange Rd, Glen Huntly), the School has 320 students and a leadership team that is always willing to try new and exciting ways to engage students.
Hayley Kringas and Ross Donnan devised a plan for a series of large scale typography murals. Both Hayley and Ross are graphic designers and parents at the School and could see the potential for design to transform the space where morning assembly occurs. Hayley and Ross worked with the School Leadership team to develop the inspirational messages with input and voting from the student voice (captains and vice captains of the school houses). With paint donated by Manfax Paint & Hardware, the mural was painted over a weekend with the big ‘reveal’ unveiled for the kids at Monday morning assembly. A wonderful result that transformed a brick wall into a positive message for the kids, a constant reminder of mindfulness.
The finished mural is a testament to the power that design and large-scale typography has on the audience – in this case students from Prep to Grade 2 who will be constantly reminded to work hard and most importantly, dream big!
Ross and Hayley are also available for hire if you'd like a large-scale mural at your school/workplace... or any other graphic design/digital/web projects.

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